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    Default How to get the value inside the node from an XML File in JAVA.


    I need to fetch the values inside the tag/node of an XML file.

    The xml.file looks like this,

    <data cc="100" ln="58">2291</data>
    <data cc="100" ln="59">2291</data>
    <data cc="105" ln="58">2389</data>
    <data cc="105" ln="59">2389</data>
    <data cc="110" ln="59">1</data>
    <data cc="110" ln="57">1</data>
    <data cc="115" ln="58">18436</data>
    <data cc="120" ln="59">20825</data>
    <data cc="115" ln="59">18436</data>
    <data cc="120" ln="58">20825</data>

    I need the value of cc and ln.
    For example the first line contains cc = 100 and i need to fetch 100 and ln = 58 and i need the value 58.

    Anyhelp is appreciated.

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    Default Re: How to get the value inside the node from an XML File in JAVA.

    Help with what? You have XML data, so you need to parse the XML data. There is no mystery behind that, a simple Google will provide you all you need to know.
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    Default Re: How to get the value inside the node from an XML File in JAVA.

    There is a complete section devoted to XML parsing in the Java tutorials. See my signature for the link.

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