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    Question DOM tree

    How do i write a method in java that will add a <b> or <em> tag to a specific word regardless of case or punctuation
    for example for "run forest RUN!" adding bold to run would be <b>run<b> & <b>RUN!<b>

    public void addTag(String word, String tag) {

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    Default Re: DOM tree

    The String class has a method to ignore case when comparing Strings.
    Ignoring punctuation would require the code to know what characters are punctuation so it could strip them when accessing the words in the String. Perhaps any character that is not a-z could be considered punctuation.
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    Default Re: DOM tree

    ... or use regex. The punctuation group is defined in the Pattern class. As is a case-insensitive flag, and capturing groups.
    Java Code:
    String addTag(String text, String word, String tag) {
        return text.replaceAll("(?i)\\Q" + word + "\\E\\p{Punct}*", "<" + tag + ">$0</" + tag + ">");
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