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    Default I can't compile my code

    I am new to java, I am trying to make a system that entering with snooker balls and show error if a ball that doesn't exist or is duplicate to review "try catch" however can't figure out why my code doesn't run.
    Java Code:
    import java.util.ArrayList;
     * @author gantz
    public class Sinuca {
        public class Bola{
            private int numero;
            Bola(int B){ numero = B ; }
            public void  setNumero (int numero){
                this.numero = numero;
            public int getNumero(){
                return numero;
        public class MesaSinuca{
            ArrayList<String> Bolas = new ArrayList<String> ();
               public void addBolas(Bola B){
                   }catch(BolaInvalidaException | BolaRepetidaException e){
               public void verifyBallDuplicated(Bola B)throws BolaRepetidaException{
                   for (Bola teste : Bolas){
                       if(teste.getNumero() == B.getNumero()){
                           throw new BolaRepetidaException("Bola %s duplicada");
               public void verifyBallInvalid(Bola B)throws BolaInvalidaException{
                   if(B.getNumero() < 0 || B.getNumero() > 15){
                       throw new BolaInvalidaException("Bola %s invalida");
        public class BolaRepetidaException extends Exception{
            public BolaRepetidaException (String message){
        public class BolaInvalidaException extends Exception{
            public BolaInvalidaException (String message){
         * @param args the command line arguments
        public static void main(String[] args) {
            // TODO code application logic here
            MesaSinuca ms = new MesaSinuca();
            ms.addBolas(new Bola (1));
            ms.addBolas(new Bola (1));
            ms.addBolas(new Bola (16));
            ms.addBolas(new Bola (2));
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    Default Re: I can't compile my code

    Please place your code between [code][/code] tags to format the code. One problem is that you can't create an instance of an non-static inner class without an instance of the enclosing class. It might be best to make the inner class static and work from there. In your addBolas method, you are trying to invoke Bola.addBolas(). That method doesn't exist in an ArrayList.

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    Default Re: I can't compile my code

    And you declare Bolas to have Strings: ArrayList<String> Bolas = new ArrayList<String> ();
    But later when you iterate over them you expect it to contain Bola: for (Bola teste : Bolas)

    Those two don't match.
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