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    Default Quick question about initializing variables


    so today I was doing a programming exercise that taught me about methods and constructor. I was finishing up the program and it said "variable may be uninitianlized" ( something along those lines). I was wondering, what makes it so that I don't need to initialize a variable sometimes but at other point, the compiler requires it. I mean it doesn't make great sense to me, what if the variable is an input from the user? ( so let's say we say:

    int x;
    Scanner kb= new Scanner(
    x =scanner.nextInt() )

    I'm pretty sure once eclipse told me it was uninitialized ( or other reasons, I'd have to looks but don't have the files with me ). It just bothers me to not understand when I have to initialize a variable and when not to. Any help understanding? :D

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    Default Re: Quick question about initializing variables

    It's all in the Java Language Specification: Chapter*4.*Types, Values, and Variables

    The parts that are presently of most interest to you are:
    Each class variable, instance variable, or array component is initialized with a default value when it is created.
    A local variable must be explicitly given a value before it is used, by either initialization or assignment, in a way that can be verified using the rules for definite assignment.
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