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    Default While loop keeps crashing

    My program crashes every time I call this method because of the while loop. I guess its going into a infinite loop, but I cant figure out why. The game should keep running until the user ends it. Is the use of my .isKeyPressed correct and if so what else could it be?

    public static void run() {
    while (true) {

    if (StdDraw.isKeyPressed(KeyEvent.VK_Q)) {

    StdDraw.picture(250, 250, "space.jpg", 500, 500);

    Ship ship = new Ship();

    int x = ship.getShipPosx();
    int y = ship.getShipPosy();
    StdDraw.picture(x, y, "ship2.png", 40, 50);

    if (StdDraw.isKeyPressed(KeyEvent.VK_LEFT)) {
    ship.setShipPos(x - 10, y);

    if (StdDraw.isKeyPressed(KeyEvent.VK_RIGHT)) {
    ship.setShipPos(x + 10, y);



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    Default Re: While loop keeps crashing

    You haven't really posted sufficient code for anyone to be able help. Please provide a Short, Self Contained, Correct Example that demonstrates the problem.

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