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    Question How do a write a program using the quadratic formula in JGrasp?

    Write a program named that takes three double arguments and two int
    arguments (in that order) from the command line. The three doubles will represent a, b, and c
    from the quadratic formula.
    If the discriminant is non-negative, find and print the solutions to the quadratic equation. (The
    plus/minus sign in the quadratic formula indicates that you would separately perform both
    operations). Otherwise print “no real solutions”
    Then using the last two int arguments as x_min and x_max, print a table of x and 𝑎𝑥
    2 + 𝑏𝑥 + 𝑐
    values using the a, b, and c read in as command line arguments.
    Sample output: (command line arguments were 1 0 2 -3 3)
    1x^2 + 0x + 2 has no real solutions.
    X 1x^2 + 0x + 2
    -3 11
    -2 6
    -1 2
    0 2
    1 3
    2 6
    3 11

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    Default Re: How do a write a program using the quadratic formula in JGrasp?

    First, you are not writing the program in JGrasp. You are writing the program in Java. JGrasp is an IDE and has no bearing on the actual code. Now, just post your code and explain where you are having problems. Then we can help you.

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