I have a class that creates BOOK objects, with properties such as title, author, year ....

I am using NetBeans and was able to successfully code a method to "checkout" these books from the library in which case it is written to a MySQL database file.

There is another method which selects all the entries in the library database so you can view checked out books. This is done through a prepareStatement query and a ResultSet. This appears to be operating fine - I tested with various System.out.println() statements. The method returns an ArrayList of <Book> objects.

Back in my controller I want to send this list to a JSP page to print out on the web. Here is where it tends to get sticky. Again, I created arraylist and the entries are there (I can tell from the .size() attribute), but when I read the data out it doesn't make sense (I assume because the Book class implements serializable).

The questions - Do I have to deserialize this before sending it to my JSP page? How do you deserialize an array list?

Thanks in advance. Here is a bit of what I've done to test:

Java Code:
// ----------------- LIST OF CHECKED OUT BOOKS -----------------
    private String manage(HttpServletRequest request,
            HttpServletResponse response) {
        //TODO: Implement code to display list of checked out books here.
        ArrayList<Book> list = CheckoutDb.manage();
        for (Book b : list) { // ----------------------------- TROUBLESHOOTING
         System.out.println("--------------------- " + checkedOutList.size()); // ------ TROUBLESHOOTING
        request.setAttribute("checkedOutList", CheckoutDb.manage());
        return "/checkedOutList.jsp";