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    Default Instance variable for objects?

    I am working on a project and it asks me to "Provide appropriate names and data types for each of the instance variables. Maintain two GVdie objects" under class fields. I am unsure as to what is being asked when asking for two objects as instance variables and how I would write that...

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    Default Re: Instance variable for objects?

    An instance variable is just a variable defined at the class-level, as a member of any instance of that class.

    More info here, at the first result for googling "java instance variables": Understanding Class Members (The Java™ Tutorials > Learning the Java Language > Classes and Objects)

    Java Code:
    public class Example{
       private int x; //this is an instance variable
       private String name; //this is an instance variable
       static int z; //this is NOT an instance variable
       public void example(){
          int abc = 123; //this is NOT an instance variable
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