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    Unhappy How to filer List<String> to show only relevant value in dialog?

    Hi dears,
    I am a newbie in java prgmming using netbeans IDE . I have a code
    Java Code:
               List<String> files = service.getSecureCloudStoragePort().listFiles();
               SelectFileDialog dialog = new SelectFileDialog(this.getFrame(),true,files);
    my files value get as :
    [1_car.txt@2, 5_Van.txt@6]
    The 2 and 6 refers user id ... I need to show only particular user with his own id.
    So need to filter the files value with that id (after @ in raw data) .. How it can do ? any body suggest
    a method to filter the data . That data format could not be changed in any way...

    Waiting for a fast reply...
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    Default Re: How to filer List<String> to show only relevant value in dialog?

    Are you asking about code in the SelectFileDialog class's constructor? You need to post the code if you want help with it.
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    Default Re: How to filer List<String> to show only relevant value in dialog?

    I'm thinking the OP wants to research iterating through the list with an Iterator to be able to remove specific elements from it.
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