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    Default Single Linked List boolean

    Hi i'm currently studying over single linkedLists and i'm just writing various methods for it. One method i'm currently stuck on is writing a remove method where it returns a boolean true if its found and it will delete it, and false if the target isn't found. My problem is that it always comes up as flase and i know that the target is in the linked list.
    Here is the code for my method.

    Java Code:
    public boolean remove(E item){
    Node<E> ptr = head;
    		while(ptr!= null && !item.equals(item))
    			ptr =;
    		if({ =;
    			return true;
    		return false;	
    And here is the some of code that is in my testing class
    Java Code:
    Node<String> California = new Node<String>("California");
    		Node<String> Florida = new Node<String>("Florida");
    		Node<String> Alabama = new Node<String>("Alabama");
    		Node<String> Kentucky = new Node<String>("Kentucky"); = Florida; = California; = Kentucky;

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    Default Re: Single Linked List boolean

    Do you really want to compare 'item' against itself in line #3?

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