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    Default I do not know how to get the String Array to work with the int array

    Hello everyone, first time on the forums. I am doing a school assignment and I have to create an inventory program that displays a product number, name of product, number of units in stock, price of each unit, and then at the end total up the entire value of the inventory. I am a beginner as I am 5 weeks into my first programmer class and I do want to learn how to program. I am able to get the inventory array with the (int) to display in the columns but I do not know how to get the String array with the DVD's to display where they are suppose to. I also cannot figure out how to calculate the quantity with the price to give me an overall total. The program is due tonight but I want to know how to do it so if I have to turn it in late but have the knowledge knowing how to fix the issue then I will. Also, I am not sure if I am doing it right to begin with so any help would be appreciated.

    This is my code so far:

    // IT215: Product class for Inventory Program
    // by JakeB

    public class Product // begin Product class
    int Stock[] = { 101, 102, 103, 104, 105 };
    String[] DVD = new String[5];
    double Price[] = { 10.00, 10.00, 12.50, 18.50, 11.50 };
    int Quantity[] = { 1, 5, 4, 3, 4 };
    double sum = 0;
    double product = 0;

    // create inventory
    public void dvdInventory(String DVD[]){
    DVD[0]= "Lion King";
    DVD[1]= "Peter Pan";
    DVD[2]= "Aladdin ";
    DVD[3]= "Snow White";
    DVD[4]= "Cinderella";
    // display Inventory results
    public void displayMessage()
    // begin for loop
    for(double counter=0; counter<Quantity.length; counter++)
    System.out.println( (int)counter + 1 + "\t"
    + Stock[(int)counter] + "\t"
    + "\t" + "$" + Price[(int)counter] + " ea. "
    + "\t" + Quantity[(int)counter]);

    // constructor initializes sum with int argument
    public Product(double totalSum)
    {// constructor totalSum
    sum = totalSum; // initializes sum

    } //end constructor

    // method to set the sum
    public void setSum(double totalSum)
    sum = totalSum; // store the sum
    } // end method setCourseName

    // method to retrieve the sum
    public double getSum()
    return sum;
    } //end method retrieve

    } // end Product Class

    // by JakeB

    public class ProductTest {
    private static Object displayMessage;

    // main method begins
    public static void main(String[] args) // begin main
    System.out.printf("Welcome to the DVD Inventory!\n"); // display welcome message
    System.out.printf("Here is the current list of DVD's in inventories.\n\n",
    // display column headings
    System.out.println("Index\tStock#\t\tPrice\t\tQuan tity\tDVD");

    // create a Product object and assign it to myProduct
    Product myProduct = new Product(0);

    // call myProduct display message method

    System.out.printf("The total value of all DVD's is $\n" ); // display the total value of all the dvds
    } //end main
    } // end ProductTest class

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    Default Re: I do not know how to get the String Array to work with the int array

    You don't need a method to initialize the String array. You can do it just like you did with int[] and double[]. Just put the strings between double quotation marks. E.g. "a string"

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    Default Re: I do not know how to get the String Array to work with the int array

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