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    Question What Graphics APIs are out there?

    I learned the basics of java a few years ago and I decided to pick it back up. My main interest is game development, and I want more than a text-based adventure. I've searched the internet and found a few different APIs for implementing graphics. Swing, JavaFX, and LWJGL are the ones I've encountered thus far. Out of the three, LWJGL seems the one most suited for games. However, I am specifically looking at developing a game for Android and it doesn't seem like LWJGL or JavaFX are compatible with android in their vanilla form.

    So my question is: what other Graphics APIs are there? Are some better suited for game development than others?

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    Default Re: What Graphics APIs are out there?

    You should check out libGDX.

    It uses LWJGL to deploy OpenGL games and applications to desktop, as JavaScript, to Android, and even to iOS through RoboVM.

    It's one of the most popular game development frameworks out there.
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