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    Default Java heap space?

    int aiNumbers[][] = new int[number] [number];

    what is the maximum number that can be entered here?

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    Default Suprisingly large.

    Allocation, as you have done it, is a recurrent discussion issue that is better approached by writing a short test stub to do nothing except the allocation and just see what happens.

    I wrote a program recently to test such a thing, ran through five or ten loops before the memory issue slowed things down. Start with 1024 x 64 or something, I would not think a [1024][1024] to be too far from blowout, but we have to realize that the two numerics multiply as a [][]

    Java Code:
    public class HeapHog
        public static void main(String[] args)
                int[][] Flint = new int[1024][1024];//
                Flint = null;
                System.out.println("Suprisingly large");
            catch(Exception e)
    Java Code:
    Suprisingly large
    If you find a use for a 1024 by 1024 memory space, you will be in the database forum or something. Possibly some games could use this sort of space.
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