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Thread: Needing Java Assistance

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    Default Needing Java Assistance

    Hello, i am using eclipse and i was wondering if someone would like to do a little sitdown and teach me about java? i mainly wanna code for like minecraft plugins, so if you can teach me a few things that would be great! i already know about var and function and when you do //(something) all it is is putting like a saying or something right there, so i know i little bit, but i wanna get more detail about stuff lol. Thanks Much!

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    Default Re: Needing Java Assistance

    Quote Originally Posted by tanner View Post
    ... i already know about var and function ...
    That would be JavaScript. Not Java.

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    Default Re: Needing Java Assistance

    Lets be realistic here: you don't have experience with programming in general and you need to learn a rather difficult object oriented language such as Java.

    There are two basic roads for you to take.

    Road 1: become a decent programmer which will require a large amount of time and effort from you and the purchasing of many books. Expensive, time consuming. But if you're serious about this then that is an investment you should be willing to make. Lets be realistic - it will take you a year to get to any kind of level where you can think about doing serious Minecraft modding, but within a few months you may be able to get some small things done if you really commit.

    Road 2: keep thinking that you can breeze through this with minimal effort on your part. In that case stay away from serious Java programming sites where you'll only be told it isn't possible and stick with forums such as the Minecraft forums and bukkit to try and coax other modders who have gone through the learning process already into teaching you a thing or two. If you're really really really good and people are really really really nice, maybe you'll actually get something done. I wouldn't count on it.

    Take your pick.
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    Default Re: Needing Java Assistance

    It is interesting at the niavete and underestimation folks have about programming and all its nuances. Here is the basic question:

    Hi, I am new to ________________ and I really want to learn quickly and _______________________.

    Now fill in the blanks:

    Hi, I am new to Java and I really want to learn quickly and write my own minecraft game or compiler.

    They never realize what they are asking. Examples:

    Hi, I am new to the piano and I really want to learn quickly and play Chopin's Fantasy Impromptu.

    Hi, I am new to electronics and I really want to learn quickly and build my own stereo system.

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    Default Re: Needing Java Assistance

    I agree with everything everybody else said, but I'll try to provide a little more specific direction.

    First off, you need to realize that your goal isn't exactly easy. You can't just jump in and start modding Minecraft- you have to build up the basics first, and that can take a very long time- we're talking months or years here, not days or weeks.

    But I hope that doesn't discourage you, since programming can be very rewarding. So if you do want to start learning more about programming, with the eventual goal of modding Minecraft, I would break your path down into three parts:

    Step 1: Learn the basics. You say you know a few basics, but it also sounds like you haven't ever actually programming something. That's step one! Go through some basic tutorials and write some basic programs, just to get acquainted with the idea of programming. I recommend starting with Processing, and I've written tutorials on getting started with Processing available at Static Void Games. Keep in mind that this step by itself might take weeks or even months.

    Step 2: Keep programming. Even after you learn the basics, the only way to get *good* at programming is by actually programming. Start programming little games, and slowly move your way into more advanced topics and "real" Java. This step might take months or even years.

    Step 3: Now you're ready to start modding minecraft. It's not a trivial topic, but if you really did the first 2 steps, then you should be able to follow various tutorials around the internet.

    Good luck!
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    Default Re: Needing Java Assistance

    "You've got big dreams? You want to be a programmer? Well, programming costs. And right here is where you start paying ... in sweat."

    All together now...FAME!
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