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    Default Creating a method that resembles ArrayList .add()

    Hello, Hello, I'm writing a program that acts as a 'pocket' where the user is able to enter a kind of coin, such as, a quarter and the amount of quarters it has. I was assigned to do 3 different class, the Coin Class in which the coins and their values can be instatiated from, a Pocket Class, where I have to write a method that can add the coins of the user (basically the method would act like ArrayList .add() ) and the PocketClass tester. I have already written most of the code, but I am stuck as to how I could write the following method:

    Java Code:
    public void addCoin(String s, int i)
          // s is type of coin, you are using s to instantiate a Coin and get value
         // i is number of coins, you are using i to keep adding value to the totalValuefor
    Would I use a for-loop in order to keep track of the number of coins? I would use ArrayList but the assignment calls for creating a method similar to that of .add()

    Thank you in advance.

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    Default Re: Creating a method that resembles ArrayList .add()

    Using a loop would be fine. You just need to determine to what you are adding the coins.

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    Default Re: Creating a method that resembles ArrayList .add()

    Are you perhaps creating your own linked list structure then? Or an array which you grow when you need it to?

    For the future: it usually helps to post a more generalized example of your code rather than only the one snippet that you want to zoom in on. That gives a proper context.
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