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    Default Connecting multiple classes in same package

    I have multiple classes in one package and was wondering how to I use one class while in another?
    What I mean is I have one sheet with a class and another sheet with another class. (Separate tabs in Eclipse)
    Sorry for asking such a foolish question, I am new and am struggling to understand some concepts.

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    Default Re: Connecting multiple classes in same package

    If the class's definition is on the classpath, there shouldn't be a problem using it.
    What have you tried?
    What problems are you having?
    If you don't understand my response, don't ignore it, ask a question.

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    Default Re: Connecting multiple classes in same package

    If you, for example, ever used new keyword, that means you have called another class.

    Java Code:
    class SheetOne{
        SheetTwo two = new SheetTwo(); //calling another class (SheetTwo) from first one
        two.toString(); // actual usage of another class in first one
    note: depending on the type of class, you can even use another class without new keyword.
    If this is not what you ask, please elaborate your question a little more.

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