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Thread: Tab delimited to buffer issue

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    Question Tab delimited to buffer issue

    Hello Java gurus,

    I am very new to Java/J2EE programming. I need your guidance or suggestions to write few classes as below. Even I do not know what classes that I have to call honestly. So please suggest for further step.

    My team asked me to write few classes for below points
    Java class #1) Read all data from tab delimited file
    Java class #2) Store in a list or Buffer or Hash either
    Java class #3) Get an Input value of Timestamp and compare this timestamp value with Buffer/Hash/List and get second column of value

    From google, I have found only to java #1.

    Thanks for your positive reply in advance.

    - Venkat

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    Default Re: Tab delimited to buffer issue

    I can only assume "your team" is actually your professor and that this is actually an assignment you are having trouble with. No worries, we can help you, there is no need to disguise your problems in a fictional "My team has a project" story.

    So I'll give you a few pointers:
    1) Java - Read CSV with Scanner() - Stack Overflow
    2) java.util.List or java.util.Map. Which one you use depends on what you need to store.
    3) Comparing objects uses the equals() method. Comparing primitives uses ==.

    Nobody is going to barf out all the code you need, so if that is your intention, please vistit If not, you should show the code you're having problems with and a clear description of what it does, what it *should* do and the error messages, if any.
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    "It's not fixed until you stop calling the problem weird and you understand what was wrong." - gimbal2 2013

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