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    Default Not getting decimal for a surely decimal answer

    I'm using eclipse. I'm going to get straight to the point and give all the info I can, if the values in the first code box are used, shouldn't these values be left after all in the second box is done:
    remainder=23, arr[0]=100, div=23/10=2.3, whole=2, and decimal=3?
    When I use this code, div comes out to be just (2.0).
    Java Code:
    int leng=10;
    arr[0]=123; //int
    arr[1]=100; //int
    Java Code:
    if (arr[0]!=arr[1]){
    	int remainder=arr[0]-arr[1];
    	double div=remainder/leng;  //double div=Double.valueOf(remainder/leng);
    	int whole=(int) Math.floor(div);
    	int decimal=(int) ((div-whole)*leng);
    I'm not sure were I'm going wrong in how div is being calculated, but I ultimately need div to be 2.3.
    I've also used the second option commented out which still gives (2.0).
    If anyone needs more info, I don't mind giving the whole project.
    p.s. If its a really simple math error I'm missing, please tell.
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    Default Re: Not getting decimal for a surely decimal answer

    When you divide two integers the result is an integer, even though you assign the result to a double. So cast either remainder or leng to a double.

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