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    Default list hours between two dates.

    is there away to list all hours between two dates?

    For example if i have 12/7/2014 21:03:56 and 12/8/2014 04:40:45 I need an output, i can write to a file: (the dates are currently in String variables)

    12/7/2014 21:00
    12/7/2014 22:00
    12/7/2014 23:00
    12/8/2014 00:00
    12/8/2014 01:00
    12/8/2014 02:00
    12/8/2014 03:00
    12/8/2014 04:00

    Any suggestion how this can be achieved would be greatly appreciated.


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    Default Re: list hours between two dates.

    I would suggest you investigate the Calendar and Date classes (however, certain features of latter are deprecated). A simple algorithm would be to take starting date, round to current hour, and then keep updating hour until final time reached.

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    Default Re: list hours between two dates.

    Or the java 8 time package:

    or not having access to Java 8, you might also be interested in the third party JodaTime.
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