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    Question Help starting a 2d game

    Simply enough, I am starting work on my final project for my computer class, and I decided to take on a fairly ambitious project of re-creating the first part of Pokemon Blue. I have gotten all of the sprites that I need, but the problem comes up with the fact that I have no clue how to start coding the game. The first thing I want to do is get the world rendered (in a 320x288 screen) and then code in the main characters movement. After that I should be good, but any help on how to get started would be great :D

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    Default Re: Help starting a 2d game

    You COULD help yourself a whole lot and actually perform some research - either you do the right thing and make research a big part of your life, or do not attempt to do ambitious projects way beyond your current skill level as you basically cannot.

    But since you're here, look into using LibGDX. libgdx
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