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    Default Is there any difference between REST GET and httpget ?

    I am totally new in this field.. May b my question is also weird.. But while searching i came across 2 different implementation.. One is this and other is this , where httpget is used..

    So are these same ? When we talk about Restful, is the 2nd implementation valid ?

    Guide me please.

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    Default Re: Is there any difference between REST GET and httpget ?

    A cow is an animal, but not all animals are cows.

    RESTful webservices are done through HTTP requests, but not all HTTP requests represent RESTful webservice calls.

    If you want to know what RESTful webservices are then research RESTful webservices as a concept. Don't look for code / implementations. Start with the wiki.

    Representational state transfer - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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