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    Default Simple Question about Enum?

    Hello Everyone,

    I am trying to write a small program for chess (console based for now).
    Can someone please tell me what is wrong with my code for creating an object of WHITE or BLACK. They are all in the same package

    The first chunk of code is my class for "Chess Board" which for now is just going to have all of the game piece objects created onto the board
    second chunk is the extended GamePiece class
    Third, is the actual Bishop Class.

    As you can see I am attempting to create a Black Bishop One on line 26. But i receive an error. The error underlines line 26 and asks to import the
    enum under GamePiece.Color;
    I do and it doesn't fix the problem. I am still under the same package so I am a little confused. Please let me know if you have questions,
    Java Code:
    public class ChessBoard
    	private GamePiece boardSpace[][];
    //Black Team Game Pieces(16 total Objects)
    	Bishop BB1, BB2;
    	King BK;
    	Knight BK1, BK2;
    	Pawn BP1, BP2, BP3, BP4, BP5, BP6, BP7, BP8;
    	Queen BQ;
    	Rook BR1, BR2;
    //White Team Game Pieces (16 total objects)
    	Bishop WB1, WB2;
    	King WK;
    	Knight WK1, WK2;
    	Pawn WP1, WP2, WP3, WP4, WP5, WP6, WP7, WP8;
    	Queen WQ;
    	Rook WR1, WR2;
    	GamePiece test;
    	public ChessBoard()
    		boardSpace = new GamePiece[ChessGame.boardsize][ChessGame.boardsize];
    		BB1 = new Bishop(Color.BLACK);

    ///////////////////Game Piece Class
    Java Code:
     public abstract class GamePiece
    	 public enum Color
    	private boolean validMove[][];
    	private Color color;
    	GamePiece(Color color)
    		this.color = color;
    		validMove = new boolean[ChessGame.boardsize][ChessGame.boardsize];
    Java Code:
    public class Bishop extends GamePiece
    	Bishop(Color color) {
    	public boolean calcValidMoves(ChessBoard board) {
    		return false;

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    Default Re: Simple Question about Enum?

    My first guess would be there is a conflict between the JDK Color class and your enum Color. I would change your enum to some other name (even if this is not the problem). Then it will be easier to diagnose.

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    Default Re: Simple Question about Enum?

    You need to reference the Color enum (which exists in GamePiece class) as follows..

    Java Code:
    BB1 = new Bishop(GamePiece.Color.BLACK);
    Sean K.

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