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    Default Design Patterns and Java Algorithms


    I've looked over the concepts of Java programming, tested them in code and i understand most of them. I have a problem when i need to make harder programs , this might be because i dont know design patterns and algorithms ... right?

    I'm curious what a entry level programmer needs to know to get a job in the field. Right now i was thinking i need to know:

    1. The way all big concepts work and most of the keywords.

    2. Design patterns.

    3. Algorithms.

    Could you tell me point by point what i actually need to know for an entry level job and can you tell me which design patterns and algorithms are a must know for that first job.

    Considering i might have financial problems in the near future this is not a theoretical question, i really need to know what i need to learn in the next 2-3 months to get an entry level job down.

    I want to learn the basics for an entry level job which will give me/force me to learn more by interacting with people in the workplace , learning at home kinda sucks, i would like to get hired and learn there, but i need a good base. THX!

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    Default Re: Design Patterns and Java Algorithms

    When you say you've 'tested them', what exactly do you mean by that? I think the most important thing is practice. When you are learning to program, you start off by learning different competencies, but you have to be able to put everything together in order to become a good programmer. I would try to complete some example programs, and then come up with practical applications that you want to try to build, then take a shot at putting the application together.

    As far as what to know for an entry level job, I would say to just get comfortable with programming in general. You should probably be familiar with the different keywords, primitive type vs class type, interfaces, looping structures, class design, coding conventions, etc. I guess it would really depend on the job, though. Most of these things come through practice. Reading a book on the concepts helps, but you actually need to code as much as possible to get comfortable. All of these things come with practice.

    Just my opinion.

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    Default Re: Design Patterns and Java Algorithms

    don't overthink design patterns. just focus on making your code clean, design patterns will fit in naturally.

    for entry level job, just make sure you love coding. a job will folow

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