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    Default Java Recursion Minesweeper

    Hey guys. Need some major help with recursion in a MineSweeper game.

    So far, when a user clicks on a square and it has a bomb on it, I reveal the bomb to the user - see clicked(). I also have the ability to show the user if the squares surrounding them have any adjacent bombs - see countAdjacentSquares().

    However, I am having trouble with my fillZeros() recursive method. When a user clicks on a square that has zero bombs in its surrounding squares, it not only reveals that square, but also any adjacent squares (horizontally, vertically or diagonally adjacent) that also have zero bombs in its surrounding squares.

    I don't have any recursion, if I click on a square with no bombs all it does it set the square to 0, but doesn't continue to check for other empty squares.

    Java Code:
    import javax.swing.*;
    import java.awt.*;
    import java.util.*;
    public class Square extends GameSquare
    	private boolean revealed = false;
    	private boolean squareHasBomb = false;
    	public static final int MINE_PROBABILITY = 10;
    	public int mineCount = 0;
    	public Square(int x, int y, GameBoard board)
    		super(x, y, "images/blank.png", board);
    		Random r = new Random();
    		squareHasBomb = (r.nextInt(MINE_PROBABILITY) == 0);
    	private int countAdjacentSquares(){
    		for(int xOffset = -1; xOffset <= 1; xOffset++)
    			for (int yOffset = -1; yOffset <= 1; yOffset++){
    				Square adjacentSquare = (Square)board.getSquareAt(xLocation +xOffset, yLocation +yOffset);
    				if (adjacentSquare.squareHasBomb){
    					revealed = true;
    		setImage("images/" + mineCount +".png");
    		return mineCount;	
    	// Recursive method that will 0-fill all surround empty squares
    	private void fillZeros(){
    		for(int xOffset = -1; xOffset <= 1; xOffset++)
    			for (int yOffset = -1; yOffset <= 1; yOffset++){
    				Square zeroSquare = (Square)board.getSquareAt(xLocation +xOffset, yLocation +yOffset);
    				// Base Case. Square must have bomb or a neighbouring bomb
    				if(zeroSquare.squareHasBomb == true && revealed == true){
    				// The square doenst have a bomb and an adjacent bomb and can be set to empty
    				else if(zeroSquare.squareHasBomb == false && revealed == false){
    					revealed = true;
    	public void clicked(){
    		if (squareHasBomb == true)
    		else if(squareHasBomb == false && revealed == false)
    		else if(squareHasBomb == false)
    I cannot see where I am going wrong here. Any help would be greatly appreciated


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    Default Re: Java Recursion Minesweeper

    but doesn't continue to check for other empty squares.
    How are you debugging the code?
    Add some println statements that print out messages as the loops execute. Include the x and y values and the has bomb values in the printed messages.

    The print out will help you see what the computer sees when it executes the code.
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