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    Default How to get pixel values of an image and store it into an array?

    Hey guys,
    So i wanted to try something new like find an image within an image. So for my "find" method I would like to take an image and use it to scan and compare sum of absolute differences with the bigger image. So that the smallest SAD would be the exact image that I am using to scan. What I am thinking is to put each pixel value of both images into two separate arrays and compare them via Math.abs(image1[i][j]-image2[i][j]); . My only problem is that I do not know how to put each pixel value into an array.

    Also, If I only want to compare just the green in the picture. I saw that the Pixel class has a getGreen(); method. If I want to find the SAD of the green, would Math.abs(image1.getGreen()-image2.getGreen()); work? I was planning to have 2 nested loops running through each column and row for each image and just find the SAD of the green value.

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    Default Re: How to get pixel values of an image and store it into an array?

    Look at the BufferedImage class. It has methods to access the pixels in an image.
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    Default Re: How to get pixel values of an image and store it into an array?

    Well, this appears to be more than just a 1:1 pixel comparison. You need to compare the smaller image to an equal sized sub-image of the larger image. Assume the smaller image is 100x100 pixels and the larger is 1000 x 1000 pixels. You will be comparing the smaller image to at most (901) * (901) or 811,801 sub-images of equal size. Assuming you start the comparison at (0,0) going left to right, the worst case would be that the image you are looking for is in the lower right portion of larger image. Ideally, the individual comparisons should fail quickly until you hit the correct sub-image. You may want to experiment with computing checksums on some small initial portion of each image as a prelude to actual comparison. This may speed up or slow down the overall process. Others on this forum may have more advanced techniques to offer.

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    Default Re: How to get pixel values of an image and store it into an array?

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