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Thread: Wanna make an ATM?

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    Default Wanna make an ATM?

    Hey everyone!
    I am new to programming and I need to make an ATM! I do not have the tools myself, and I have no idea how to become a programmer in two weeks. Therefor I would really appreciate if someone in here would seriously help me out?

    I can send you my code that I have so far and the description of my assignment?

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    Default Re: Wanna make an ATM?

    You're not the only one that tries something like this you know:

    But at least beyond the title you don't try to pass it off as a challenge. You may post the code and ask a specific question, but ultimately the only help you are going to get is the kind that helps you to do it. If you haven't studied the material properly yet, you've basically cornered yourself I'm afraid and will simply have to fail whatever it is you are doing this assignment for.
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