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    Hello guys,
    I have a problem with functions connected to strings.

    I have a random String, e.g. "Hello World!" and I have to change every capital Letter into a small letter and vise versa. This alone would be fairly simple, but I have to do it with the "help" of to other strings.
    lowercase= "abcde...z" and
    uppercase="ABCDE...Z". Every small letter stands at the very same position as the capital letter, but in the other string.
    Ther should be a letter for letter search in lowercase and uppercase for the letters of "Hello World".

    I have an idea how I could solve the task, however I need a way to search the first string, here "Hello World", according to position. A statement which does: "Give me the letter of position x". This found letter should be able to be stored in a variable or else be able to be used by another statement. And it should be compatible with a for lope.

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    I find it hard to understand your problem description. Are you asking how to get the character at a specific position in the String? If so, the javadocs are your friend.

    String (Java Platform SE 7 )
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