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    Default using for loop to calculate power (ex... x^4)

    i'm new to java and i'm trying to figure out how to calculate power in java using the for loop.

    the geometric sequence is (d*c^(n-1)).

    so it goes d, d*c^1, d*c^2,......., d*c^(n-1)

    ??????for (i=1; i<=n; i++){
    please help, i don't understand how to program this. how do i write this using for loop?

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    Default Re: using for loop to calculate power (ex... x^4)

    Suppose you know the value x^(n-1) and you are asked for the value x^n; take the previous value and multiply by x: x^(n-1)*x == x^n; as you should know, x^0 == 1. This is what it looks like in code:

    Java Code:
    double result= 1;
    for (int i= 0; i < n; i++)
       result*= x;
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    Default Re: using for loop to calculate power (ex... x^4)

    Is that c^(n-1), or (d*c)^(n-1)?

    Either way it doesn't really matter in terms of how to calculate the power using a loop, it just changes the start value.

    So how would you do it by hand, for a value 'x' and a value of 'n'? Forget about code for the minute.
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