Hello and thank you for taking time to read this.

I am used to writing code in PHP, jQuery etc, but the project which I am now undertaking has got me thinking about learning Java (I only have some very small previous experience, but not afraid to get skilled).

What I am confused about is which Java technologies will be a good fit (Jave SE, Jave EE, JavaFX etc), so here's briefly a summary what the solution needs to do:

  • communicate with a MySQL database (read and write)
  • communicate with legacy data files via ODBC driver (read only)
  • deploy to many PCs in the organisation ~ a client~server solution for cetralised business logic
  • display forms for view/editing data
  • display graphs
  • schedule reports for regular distribution
  • control and respond to various levels of user-privileges
  • add/edit records to Windows Active Directory ~ via PowerShell "cmdlets" I guess
  • add/remove users from MS Exchange Distribution Groups

The application is for employee management and needs to draw on data entered into the company's legacy system, add employee's to Windows Active Directory and certain appropriate-to-their-role MS Exchange Distribution Groups, allow easy maintenance of the same, and provide an extensive GUI for maintenance of data, reporting and assorted wow-that-looks-great wizardry.

I need a road map into the Java kingdom at this point please.

Thanks everyone, BasilBear