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Thread: Can't retrieve ID's

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    Default Can't retrieve ID's

    If my xml file (shown below as sample) has different employees with id's - is there a way I can get just the id's on there own?
    Java Code:
        <Employee id="1">  
            <role>Java Developer</role>  
        <Employee id="2">  
    This is the code Im using - I know at the minute it gets the id details of id 3 but realistically I just want the id's and nothing else
    Java Code:
     private static String getEmployeeById(Document doc, XPath xpath, int id) {  
            String env = null;  
            try {  
                XPathExpression pathExpression =  
                        xpath.compile("/Employees/Employee[@id=3]"); // line gets everything to do with id 3 but doesnt display the id - I need it to display all the id's  
                env = (String) pathExpression.evaluate(doc, XPathConstants.STRING);  
            } catch (XPathExpressionException e) {  
            return env;  
    Can this be achieved using xpath? I've been stuck on it for ages and I can't seem to really find anything to do with it

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    Default Re: Can't retrieve ID's

    This should do it: //Employee/@id

    Edit: you can test it quickly here: Simple online XPath tester
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    Default Re: Can't retrieve ID's

    Thank you very much SurfMan,that works like a charm - thanks for the link too! It's very helpful, saving it! :D

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