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    Default Is server side java really that complicated?

    I would like to learn java, but most of the code that I write runs on a web server. I know that java can run on the server instead of the client but it really looks complicated to do so.

    The "Hello World" example for most languages is pretty simple, just a few lines of code. When I try and find a server side java example it seems VERY complicated. See here for an example: Server Side Tutorial | Codenvy Docs

    I'm not new to coding... I've used perl, html, bash, visual basic, dBase (yes, I'm old), 6809 assembler, etc...

    Am I missing something? Even setting up an IDE is a daunting task, not to mention adding any kind of framework.

    Should I just stick with using PHP, Python, etc. for my web based apps?

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    Default Re: Is server side java really that complicated?

    That example's a web service using some framework that's not part of JEE (I've not heard of everrest before, except for double glazing).

    You should be looking into Servlets and JSP. Start with the former and then after you've got a couple of simple things working (like a HelloWorld) add in JSPs.

    It's not that complex.
    The web.xml is possibly the only odd thing you need to get your head around.

    Just remember, the client should submit to a Servlet, which handles any processing, gathers together whatever data is needed, and then forwards it all to the JSP, whose job is simply to display what it's given.

    You will see examples where people do the processing inside a JSP. That's is wrong. A very bad habit to get into, and a sod to debug.

    Of course if you're happy in PHP etc then there's no great need for you to learn Java.
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    Default Re: Is server side java really that complicated?

    "server side java" is too broad. It can also be a JAX-RS based RESTful webservice. Those are actually magnificently easy to setup, build and maintain.

    But they're still dead hard if you don't understand concurrency and multithreading, networking, the internet, HTTP (not the same), core Java, security, etc. etc.

    My point being: things are difficult when you're inexperienced. Technology does not dictate what as easy and what is not. Only people with great senses of fanboyism try and make you believe that.
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    Default Re: Is server side java really that complicated?

    Thanks for the information. It gives me a place to start.

    Concurrency, multithreading, networking, the internet, etc... More stuff to pick up as I go along. It seems that no matter what you want to do, you need to learn something else first.

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    Default Re: Is server side java really that complicated?

    When I wanted to learn about JSP and using containers I went to
    Free Online Version of Core Servlets and JavaServer Pages (Second Edition) in PDF.
    The online book was pretty good. My IDE of choice is Eclipse and I use Tomcat as my
    servlet container but there are others. I can't speak for other IDE's but Eclipse makes
    it pretty easy to interact with a local server (which is on my laptop along with my IDE).

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    Default Re: Is server side java really that complicated?

    Shameless-self promotion: I run a little tutorial/hosting website called Static Void Games. It uses "server side Java", and is completely open source. If you want to check out a "real" project's source, it's available on GitHub here:

    And here is a guide on how to get it up and running:

    This is probably overkill for what you want to be doing (like Tolls said, start with basic JSP pages), but it might be interesting to look at.
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