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    Default Is this program idea possible with Java?

    I have thought of a program which I would find useful for my own personal use and as I have found nothing like it available anywhere, thought that I may be able to write it.

    I want a program that can "forward" the inputs/outputs of one program/device to the input/outputs of another. (Not a great explanation).

    e.g. I would be able to select the audio output of a program (say... chrome) and assign this to the input for the system's microphone.
    e.g. It would be able to take the input from a webcam and send it as output via some HDMI port
    e.g. it would be able to take the video output of a program and set it as the input of the webcam
    e.e. set microphone input as headphone output

    My examples are very general, I know, just an abstract idea at the moment really.

    Anything in Java that I could use for this?
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    Default Re: Is this program idea possible with Java?

    My gut instinct tells me that this isn't going to be easy in Java. You're talking about taking hardware-specific input and routing it to hardware-specific output, which isn't really a job for Java.

    You should probably get way more specific about what you're trying to do. You should probably break this down into individual programs: can you write a program that gets input from your microphone? Can you write a program that outputs to your speakers? Okay, now can you combine the two? I think what you're talking about is a collection of a bunch of individual programs rather than a generalized input/output switchboard, which might make googling a bit easier.
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    Default Re: Is this program idea possible with Java?

    With Java, without Java - this is going to be a massive and highly operating system specific undertaking that is also going to take a massive amount of research & development.

    But agreed - adding Java is going to make an already difficult set of requirements even more difficult.
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    Default Re: Is this program idea possible with Java?

    This reminds me of the Unix pipes where an output stream of one process is 'piped' to an input stream of another process. Doing the same with, say, sound or whatever depends on the standardization of those sound (or whatever) streams; besides that, it can be done.

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