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    Default Somebody helps me?

    This assignment is based on your use of the Banking class, a link to which is given below. Your job is to follow the bulleted script of actions given below by entering them as Java statements in the main part of the class BankingDriver. It's that you will submit as your solution to this problem.

    Here is the Banking class: /JavaCS1/src/bankaccount/

    Here is what your code must do:
    1.Create an object called nicksAcct. Nick has $450 in his checking account, and $550 in his savings account.
    2.Create an object called carolsAcct. Carol has $600 in her checking account, and $700 in her savings account.
    3.Print out the total amount of money in both accounts (you must use methods from the Banking class here to obtain the the various amounts that contribute to the final total). This total should be the sum of the money in both of Nick's accounts added to the sum of the money in both of Carol's accounts.
    4.Add $100 to Nick's checking account.
    5.Print out statistics on Nick's account. This statement: System.out.println(nicksAcct); will do this chore.
    6.In a series of statements, move all of the money in Nick's account - both checking and savings - to Carol's savings account. This should leave Nick with no money at the end. Here, first move the money in Nick's savings account, and then his checking account, to an intermediate variable (call it something like tempMoney), and then set Nick's money to 0; finally, add the money in that intermediate variable to Carol's account.
    7.Print out statistics on Nick's account
    8.Print out statistics on Carol's account

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    Default Re: Somebody helps me?

    Do you have a question?

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