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Thread: Need help in an already existing tool

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    Default Need help in an already existing tool

    Recently our organization moved the engineering drawing approval process from manual to Electronic approval. I was very impressed by the way the new process works and I want to know the steps involved in designing the entire system. I am pretty new to Java programming and I think this has been done in J2EE. I have tried to describe the system below. Can anyone help me in knowing what are the different steps involved in this. Also I would like to know how the project is split so that numerous groups of people can work together.

    1. Logging in to the Drawing release system:
    Here the Windows login and password is made use of, to login to this system. How the user data is linked to this (Windows login user data to drawing release system).

    2. After logging in, there is a tab to create a new work package which, upon clicking, asks for:
    a. Program name (based on different products our company has).
    b. Supplier name.
    c. Work package description, like release authorization number.
    d. Due date (date by which package needs to get released).
    e. Comments (if the owner of the work package wants to add any special information about the work package.
    f. Uploading the relevant drawing files for approval.

    3. After the above steps, the admin needs to add the approvers of different departments (like Dept A, Dept B, C etc.) The names of the approvers can again be chosen from Employee database. Again here I would like to know the way to link the employee database.
    Once all the approvers & their respective departments are chosen the work flow is started by the admin and the first task is to be completed by the owner of the work package. When the work flow is started by the admin, the owner of the work package gets an alert
    email to complete his task with a cut off time. Mail is originated from the admin mail ID.

    4. Work flow flows from one department to next upon approval from previous department in sequence. During the work flow, the approvers can add comments regarding the any errors or additional scope change.

    5. Every time the work flow moves to the next dept from previous one, the current approver would get an alert in his mail box saying the work package is pending for his approval. Similar alert is circulated when someone makes a comment for a particular work package,
    but in this case the alert is circulated to everyone involved in the work package approval, irrespective of whether the work package has come to their dept for approval.

    Thanks in Advance for your help

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    Default Re: Need help in an already existing tool

    There are about a thousand different ways to do this, and none of them are exactly simple enough to explain in a quick forum post.

    You should probably just start googling JavaEE tutorials. If you're really interested, then put together your own little example project.
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    Default Re: Need help in an already existing tool

    Quote Originally Posted by KevinWorkman View Post
    You should probably just start googling JavaEE tutorials. If you're really interested, then put together your own little example project.
    Or just use "the" JavaEE tutorial. Important distinction: JavaEE, not J2ee as written in the OP. J2ee is REALLY old and leads to all the wrong search results. Why that seriously outdated term is used so persistently, I don't know.

    The Java EE 7 Tutorial:The Java EE 7 Tutorial:Preface | Java EE Documentation | Java EE Documentation
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