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    Exclamation MapReduce program please do help

    Hello All,

    I tried to run the program in eclipse(See Attachments 2 3 4) but I got the following errors(Attach 1), I have attached them as screen shots.
    2. Mapper code
    3. Reducer code
    4. Driver

    Since am new to java and hadoop, I want to know the procedure step by step in a brief manner.
    Please do help me to run this program and rest of the two statements successfully.

    OS : Linux

    Thanks a lot,
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails MapReduce program please do help-1.png   MapReduce program please do help-2.png   MapReduce program please do help-3.png   MapReduce program please do help-4.png  

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    Default Re: MapReduce program please do help

    The 'static' keyword cannot be used there in a top level class declaration.
    Please do not ask for code as refusal often offends.

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    Default Re: MapReduce program please do help

    In other words: the code is broken. Since you know no Java and thus don't know how to fix anything, you're not going to be running this.

    You can't run before you can walk: learn Java like we all had to do. When you are very familiar with Java only then do you start to look into Hadoop.
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