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    Default How to lay it out before Programming?

    Hey all,
    So, just what do you do to prepare yourself to program something? Say your given a module task and need to complete it and it's: Make a loop year calendar but make it so that 1582 recieves a different output and that any loop year after it gets a different output than the loop year.

    What would you do before you start programming it? Would you write some important notes on a paper, like: this is going to need a while statement. 1582 >= 0 will say "too low to process.", I need to declare a formula int to calculate the loop year, etc?

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    Default Re: How to lay it out before Programming?

    When I'm working on something like an Android app, I like to draw out what I'm going to want the UI to look like and that sort of stuff.

    When I'm woking on more mathematical problems like the one you are talking about, I grab a simple case and write out all of the calculations from start to finish on paper. I then try to break down what I did into a series of specific steps. It helps me get my head around whats going on. Only then do I go on and turn it into code and debug it.

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