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    Default JTables - Saving Loading

    ok so i'm new(ish) to Java programming and i have made a program that i can use in my work place to help me remember stuff and keep track of things i do, i have text fields one for customers and the other for what job file the work is in. it all works well when i press a button it puts the information i need right into the table (Lovely) but the problem is i don't know how to i can save table and make the same information load back into the table if i close the program one day and open it the next (Either automatically loads into the table when i open the program or by pressing a button to retrieve the information). i just cant save it or load it in other words :3 was hoping for some of you amazing people to help me out and give some guidance

    Thank you in advance.

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    Default Re: JTables - Saving Loading

    It should be relatively easy since a JTable uses a table model to handle the data. The model is backed by some data structure
    to actually house the data. So you could write this information to a binary file, a text file, or even a properly tagged XML file.
    I would recommend some text file since it would be easier to repair if the data gets corrupted. If you want to preserve different
    formats and colors of the data, then more information would need to be stored, perhaps using XML attribute tags.

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