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    Hello All,

    I am new to this forum so hopefully I am posting to this site in the correct area. I am taking a class Intro to Programming through a local university. Now, I am not asking anyone to give me the answers or try to write the program for me but I really need some help.

    This program deals with a variation of the geographic coordinate system with Greenwich at 51° 28' 38" N. The program will be adding the three values of one coordinate to the three values of the second coordinate. Though the maximum value for seconds and minutes is 59, the user can enter values greater than that number when prompted. The maximum degree is 360 for this assignment though the user can enter values greater than that number.

    If I could just get an idea what I need to start with that would be great.


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    Default Re: Java Program Help

    You should look into the Scanner class for accepting in put from the user. I have an example on GitHub. You'll need numeric variables to hold the coordinates.

    One way to start is to figure out the solution with pseudocode (plain English). Once you have a clear understanding of the solution, then code it in Java.

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