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Thread: Accessing HashMap with JSTL

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    Default Accessing HashMap with JSTL

    Hi All,

    I have a HashMap returned from the server. There are two conditions
    1. HashMap returned with only one set of key value pair or
    2. HashMap with multiple set of data key value pairs.

    Now in UI I have to display either text box or drop down box depending upon the size of map for that I am using length method

    Java Code:
    <c:when test="${fn:length(myDto.mayMapInDto) eq 1}">
    display text box
    display drop box
    I can display drop box by looping but not sure how I can get only one element for text box. Tricky is I can't use key value to access since UI don't know what key will be returned.

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    Default Re: Accessing HashMap with JSTL

    I can only advise an alternative: add methods to 'myDto' which return the relevant information to render the view with.

    Java Code:
    public boolean isSingleValueAvailable(){
      return myMap.size() == 1; // so also returns true when there are NO values
    public String getSingleValue(){
       if(myMap.size() != 1){
         throw new IllegalStateException("getSingleValue() called when there is not a singular result!"); // a sanity check like this helps to catch programming mistakes
       return myMap.values();
    My rule of thumb is: cleverness goes into the bean, not into the view. The view needs to be nice and dumb.
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