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    Default Java and Command line interaction

    I am trying to interact with the command line prompt and script the responses for some config. When asked if user wishes to continue I would like respond yes or no, however I would like this response to be automated without any user interaction. I am able to launch the .exe file however when the command prompt is launched I cannot get any further responses to it.

    Java Code:
    ublic static void runConfigure(String[] refBox1,String outDir2)
    	 	throws IOException{
    	        String s = null;
    	        try {
    	        // run the Unix "ps -ef" command
    	            // using the Runtime exec method:
    	            Process p = Runtime.getRuntime().exec("cmd.exe /c C:/eyetest/install/configure.exe text");
    	            BufferedReader stdInput = new BufferedReader(new
    	            BufferedWriter stdOutput = new BufferedWriter(new
    	            BufferedReader stdError = new BufferedReader(new
    	            // read the output from the command
    	           System.out.println("Here is the standard output of the command:\n");
    	           while ((s = stdInput.readLine()) != null) {
    At this point cmd is launched and first question is :
    Update the registry automatically
    I would like the response to be no
    And move on to next option:
    Database Directory [C:/eyetest/database/data]

    leave it as default

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    Default Re: Java and Command line interaction

    Have you tried writing to the output stream of the process? That's just a guess, but I would expect this kind of thing to be on google. What have you tried? Can you post an MCVE instead of a disconnected snippet?
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