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    Default How to make moving by alternating arrow keys ?

    Hi, I've started creating a simple game in Java, but I'm still a beginner, so now I'm stucked. I wanted to make moving character by fast alternating arrow keys, but I don't know how. I can make a boolean variable, which disables moving by pressing the same key again, but the player can just hold the key and character is still moving. I thought about changing position of character when the key is pressed, instead of increasing speed, but then the movement wouldn't be smooth. I think this may sound incomprehensible, so I will add a link to game like an example of what I mean. I will appreciate any help !

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    Default Re: How to make moving by alternating arrow keys ?

    This is in the area of what I would refer to as advanced intermediate Java programming. For a new programmer
    it could be a little frustrating to get it to work. This type of control is probably best handled by having a key press
    start the motion and have a timer make the moves for you as long as the key is pressed. When the key is released
    the motion stops. This tends to avoid lag times which occur when holding the key down to initiate the repeating
    key mode. There have been discussions about this on this forum so if you do a site search with your favorite browser
    you should find some helpful threads.

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