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    Default How to pass array to method?

    so if i assigned values in arrays like the below:

    this is the method in main class:
    public static void trainer(){
    trainer[] trainerArr = new trainer[4];
    trainerArr[0] = new trainer("Ben Yap", "Male", "Kuala Lumpur", 10000, "Yoga");
    trainerArr[1] = new trainer("Wilson Ting", "Male", "Kuala Lumpur", 10001, "Kick-boxing");
    trainerArr[2] = new trainer("Fong Tan", "Female", "Johor Bahru", 10002, "Aerobics");
    trainerArr[3] = new trainer("Olivia Te", "Female", "Pulau Pinang", 10003, "Swimming");

    this is the trainer class:
    public class trainer extends person{
    String classType;

    public trainer(String name, String gender, String address, int id, String classType) {

    How can i pass these arrays into another method in the main class?

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    Default Re: How to pass array to method?

    Simply pass the 'trainerArr' object; it's a simple reference just like all object variables, i.e.

    Java Code:
    // in main:
    // myMethod:
    private static void myMethod(trainer[] trainerArray) { ... }
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    Default Re: How to pass array to method?

    An issue you will have with the posted code is that the array is defined inside the trainer method. So it cannot be accessed anywhere else. You could return the array or declare it as an instance method.

    BTW classes should be capitalised. Also try and avoid calling methods the same as classes. Confusion ensues.

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    Default Re: How to pass array to method?

    Alternatively, you could also reverse it, and instead of putting your arrays in the main method, put them inside of your other class and run the class in your main.

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