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    Default how to make a resizalbe house

    I am currently trying to make a method to make a resizable house. While I can certainly resize the size of every object in the house, for example a window, door, or roof, that has proven very difficult due to balancing issues(having a big window can overshadow the entire house). What I would like to do is resize all objects together at the same time so everything is spaced out accordingly. I imagine I will need some sort of mathematical formula to do so(which I am horrible at). Here is the method for drawing the house and the implementation of it.

    Java Code:
    public void drawhouse(double sizeH, double sizeW,double xpos, double ypos) {
            GRect body = new GRect(sizeH, sizeW);  //  w/2 h/3
            add(body, xpos, ypos);
            GRect window = new GRect( 40, 60);
            add (window, 250,250 );
            GRect window2 = new GRect( 40, 60);
            add (window2, 475,250 );
            GRect door = new GRect (60,90);
            add (door, 363,274);
            int w = this.getWidth();
            int h = this.getHeight();
            GPolygon roof = new GPolygon (w, h);
            roof.addVertex(0, 200);
            roof.addVertex(380, 200);
            roof.addVertex(200, 0);
            add (roof, 200 ,0 );
        public void run() {
            int w = this.getWidth();
            int h = this.getHeight();
            drawhouse(w/2,h/3,200,200);  //this is where the house size can be edited,
            //note I didn't include specifications for the roof since editing it unbalances the whole    //thing
    Ideally I wish I could just save all these objects into one (like creating a GObject and just calling that when I would want to edit it, but that has proven unsuccessful)
    Any thoughts?

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    Default Re: how to make a resizalbe house

    Do you really want to resize the objects or just how they are displayed? In Swing you can always call
    Graphics2D.scale() to scale the graphics context prior to drawing.

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    Default Re: how to make a resizalbe house

    How should that method normally look? I am having trouble calling it since it is non-static method being referenced from a static context.
    To answer you question I guess I would like all the objects to behave as one object, thus making it easier to resize the whole thing, rather than having to calculate for what every single size each object must adjust to fit inside the house. Basically this drawhouse method makes a bunch of objects, such as windows, a door, and a roof and draws them all on the screen. I would like to take the entire drawn object and resize it using a method of some sort or saving all the objects into one GObject and then resizing it.

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