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    Default Scanner Grade confusion

    Hey all, it's been 6 days since I've started learning Java.
    I have decided to write a code all on my own today. Now, I have something that looks like it should do what I want it do to, but it doesn't. I want it to scan and correctly give the correct output depending on the user's input of a grade score (without the % sign). It seems that whatever I've done, has allowed it to give the 90% A grade no matter what score you input. I am still learning, but I think I am improving. Anyone want to teach me or guide me on this quest to learn?
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    Default Re: Scanner Grade confusion

    Variable A has the value 90, so if 90 < 100 print A.

    You need another variable to store the input number and check the value against the different grades; .nextLong() returns a value, but you do not use it.

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    Default Re: Scanner Grade confusion

    Every valid number is less than (or equal to) 100, so the first test always succeeds. For those half open intervals you have to start checking 'from the bottom', i.e. first check for an F, next for a D etc.

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