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    Default Application works, what now?


    I have finished programming my "first" nice application, a collection of 6 classes meant to be called from the command line.
    I have put these in a folder and compiled, and it works (with a few little bugs to be solved)..
    But now:

    1) how do I add the package name? When I do so, I get errors. I don't really understand how to define the package and where to set the code.

    2) how do I put all these files together, so that I can copy them on usb and give to test on other computers

    3) is it possible to call an application from command line without the command "java" in front?
    so, instead of: java myapp
    just: myapp

    I'm working on linux.

    Thanks for answers.

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    Default Re: Application works, what now?

    1) so research that; its not like it is a big secret, how to work with packages is documented all over the net and in any book on Java. Clearly, you don't have a book. You should get one.

    2) Unclear what the problem is

    3) Yes; create a shell script which invokes the java command for you. That's something any engineer using Linux should know.
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