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    Default pass a parameter to a Java FX pie chart.

    Hello guys,

    I have this class and I want to pass "pergunta" from another class:
    Java Code:
    here* =  if I put a number, the code works. I want to receive the parameter "pergunta" here but I can't put a parameter in start .    
    I want to populate the array pergunta in a previous class and use in this one.
    import javafx.application.Application;
    import javafx.collections.FXCollections;
    import javafx.collections.ObservableList;
    import javafx.scene.Scene;
    import javafx.stage.Stage;
    import javafx.scene.chart.*;
    import javafx.scene.Group;
    public class GraficoPizza extends Application {
        int[][] pergunta = new int [36][7];   
        public void start(Stage stage) {
            Scene scene = new Scene(new Group());
            ObservableList<PieChart.Data> pieChartData =
                    new PieChart.Data("Não respondido", pergunta[0][0]),//<----here*.                  
                    new PieChart.Data("Ruim", pergunta[0][1]),
                    new PieChart.Data("Insuficiente", pergunta[0][2]),
                    new PieChart.Data("Bom", pergunta[0][3]),
                    new PieChart.Data("Ótimo", pergunta[0][4]),
                    new PieChart.Data("Excelente", pergunta[0][5]));
            final PieChart chart = new PieChart(pieChartData);
            ((Group) scene.getRoot()).getChildren().add(chart);
        public void Grafico(int[][] p1){
            launch(); // I use this method to launch my pie chart from another class.
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    Default Re: pass a parameter to a Java FX pie chart.

    unfortunately your comment is not visible to the end and it is not clear what is your intention / problem. could you re-post it again. so far I see that you declared and initialized your array but did not populated it so default values inside array are zeros. has it something with your problem?

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    Default Re: pass a parameter to a Java FX pie chart.

    Just made some improvements on the frst post.
    What I want to do is populate the array in a previous class to use in this one. But I can't pass it as a parameter because of JavaFX.
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