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    Default how do I get specified width of integer printed output

    If I code:
    int num0=0,num1=1,num999=999;
    System.out print(num0+","+num1);
    System.out println(","+num999);
    I believe I'll get: 0,1,999
    but I want 0000,0001,0999
    i.e. a width of 4 for small integers
    How do I do this?
    I cannot understand printf, for example,
    which is probably the way to do it.

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    Default Re: how do I get specified width of integer printed output

    The key to understanding printf is understanding format.

    Java Code:
    System.out.printf("%04d,%04d,%04d%n", num0,num1,num999);
    If you don't want the leading zeroes, change %04d to %4d.
    If you don't want the spaces, change %04d to %d.

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