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    Okay not sure if anyone can help. What I'm doing in Java is making a form for a timecard system. There is a section where you can enter the date of the time period. there also dates for each day we work. So when you fill out your timecard you have to fill out the date of the pay period and then the date of each day in the pay period that you've worked. What I'd like to do is have a user input their time in the pay period box and then have the other boxes auto populate subtracting a day. Not sure if that makes sense. basically what i need to do is figure out how to take a date inputted into a text box and then subtract by one day and put that calculation in another field. I see how you can add and subtract from the current date but no way to do it through an inputted date.

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    You'll need a listener on whatever field (I would suggest not a free text field, but some sort of calendar widget, but maybe handle that later) holds the date, so when the user enters a value you can react when they exit that field (say).
    That listener will then populate the other field after subtracting a day from the date.

    You should be able to put together a simple example containing just those two fields.
    Please do not ask for code as refusal often offends.

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