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    Unhappy Stuck at one program. Needs Help

    You are running a Computer shop where you are selling some computer parts.
    Price for USB is $20.0
    Price for Key Board is $12.0
    Price for Mouse is $10.0.
    The three text boxes in this program initially disabled. To enter value in the each text box you would check mark the each check box for an item a customer was purchasing.
    This would enable that item's text field so you can enter the quantity. You would do this for each type of item the customer was purchasing.
    When you entered the quantities of each item, you would click the Total button. This would show output in the text area.
    You can enter a discount in the Discount field if you wish. If a discount was entered, it would also appear in the output
    The Reset button puts the form back to its original state (quantity text fields disabled and cleared, check boxes unchecked, text area and discount field cleared).
    The Exit button prompts you - are you sure you want to exit? If the user confirms that they wish to exit, the program terminates.
    I wrote this code for exit button (
    int ok;
    ok = JOptionPane.showConfirmDialog(null, "Are You Sure, You Want To Exit?", "EXIT", JOptionPane.YES_NO_OPTION);
    if (ok == JOptionPane.YES_OPTION)
    This for Reset (
    But do not know how to calculate the Total. Please help me out
    Stuck at one program. Needs Help-hello.png

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    Default Re: Stuck at one program. Needs Help

    What do you mean, "don't know how to calculate the total". You don't know how to do basic additions, subtractions and multiplications?
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    Default Re: Stuck at one program. Needs Help

    It sounds like asking basic mathematical formulas. However, I would just like to point out the way.

    you can use getText() method to retrive the value which user enters in text box.

    Then, Parse the string to int and the calculate total amout by muliplying items count with base price

    Afterwards, subtract total amount with discount price. you may get net amount.

    As usual, set the netamount using setText() method.

    P.S I assume you are a newbie to Java
    (Living @ Virtual World)

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    Default Re: Stuck at one program. Needs Help

    Thank you for your replies. I appreciate it. @Makpandian I solved this program and it is running without errors. @Gimbal2 I know the maths & I was asking how to apply that and which method to use. Thank you Guys again.

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