i'm learning with myProgrammingLab.

the question is:
Write a recursive, boolean -valued method , containsVowel, that accepts a string and returns true if the string contains a vowel.
A string contains a vowel if: •The first character of the string is a vowel, or
•The rest of the string (beyond the first character ) contains a vowel

i wrote the answer in all kind of variation and checked with blueJ and my code works.

in the exercise website i get an error and i don't understand what is wrong.

my code is:

public static boolean containVowel(String str)
if(str.length() <= 0)
return false;

if(str.charAt(str.length()-1) == 'a' || str.charAt(0)=='e' || str.charAt(0)=='i' || str.charAt(0)=='o' || str.charAt(0)=='u')
return true;

return containVowel(str.substring(1,str.length()-1));

the error i get is:

More Hints:
⇒ You almost certainly should be using: containsVowel
⇒ We think you might want to consider using: =
⇒ We think you might want to consider using: <

please anyone can shade some light?